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Superannuation and your Will – What you need to know

Published: February 13, 2019 | Author: Chloe Kopilovic

Superannuation is one of the most important investment strategies for many of us, and in some cases, it is the only means of financial support in retirement.  However, there is a general lack of understanding as to how superannuation is dealt with in the event of death. Important aspects in relation to your superannuation Some […]

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Your Will – what should you be telling your solicitor?

Published: June 21, 2018 | Author: Chloe Kopilovic

I recently met with a client, to receive her instructions to draft her Will and Enduring Powers of Attorney. I noticed early on in our appointment that I was receiving short and sharp answers to my questions. It wasn’t hard to figure out that there were some underlying issues in my client’s marriage which was […]

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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Published: June 15, 2018 | Author: Chloe Kopilovic

June 15 marks World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – a day for us to remind ourselves and one another that elder abuse is becoming a global issue. It’s a concern we must turn our minds to and do our part to help others understand the challenges of our elderly. Practicing in the area of wills […]

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A Will here and a Will there – international assets in your estate plan

Published: March 15, 2018 | Author: Chloe Kopilovic

It still surprises me that clients seem to forget to mention “their bank account in the US” or “their parent’s house they inherited in the UK”, even when asked during an appointment. Hot tip – don’t forget to mention to your solicitor any overseas assets you own outside of Australia when considering your estate plan. […]

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Does your Will deal with your cryptocurrency?

Published: March 7, 2018 | Author: Chloe Kopilovic

There is no doubt that a lot of people have jumped on the “get rich quick” band wagon when it comes to the likes of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For some it has brought great wealth. However, the reality is that cryptocurrency is presently unregulated meaning that it is not backed by any governments or […]

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Re Nichol – draft text message considered a Will

Published: October 17, 2017 | Author: Chloe Kopilovic

The judgment handed down last week by the Supreme Court of Queensland in Re Nichol is a profound reminder of the importance of ensuring your Will meets the legal requirements and is executed properly. In Re Nichol, a draft text message left by the deceased on his mobile phone before committing suicide was considered a […]

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To Will or Not to Will

Published: August 4, 2017 | Author: Chloe Kopilovic

According to Benjamin Franklin, “In this world nothing can be certain, except death and taxes”. As we all know, there is certainty in the paying of tax, but in the case of death, there seems to be a common misconception that if you don’t have a Will, everything sorts itself out. Wrong. Everything does not […]

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Back to basics – making sure your Will is signed correctly

Published: April 26, 2017 | Author: Chloe Kopilovic

I prepare Wills on a weekly basis. Once a client’s Will is finalised, I will forward it to them along with signing instructions, should the client wish to sign their Will independently. If this is an option they chose, I follow up and reiterate that they must follow the signing instructions. Unfortunately, I have many […]

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Testamentary Trusts – A Double Edged Sword

Published: January 18, 2017 | Author: Chloe Kopilovic

A lot of clients look at me with confusion when I suggest a testamentary trust for them. I immediately receive questions like: What is it? How does it work? Do I need one? I have answered some of the general questions I receive below, to give you a snap shot of what testamentary trusts are, […]

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Having an estate plan is more than just having a will

Published: October 21, 2016 | Author: Chloe Kopilovic

There seems to be a common misconception that having an estate plan is for wealthy people. Wrong. Having an estate plan is for everyone. It is about being prepared, minimising risk and making sure your loved ones receive the benefit of your estate. Today, there are many factors which influence an estate plan. Simply having […]