Below you will find the wide range of services that our Wills, Estates and Probate Lawyers will be able to assist you with. Please click on a service below to find out more information and contact us should you need any legal assistance.


Estate Litigation

Our Wills, Estates and Probate Lawyers team have over 25 years experience in providing advice and assisting with all kinds of estate litigation matters, including family provision applications (both on behalf of the representative and applicant), contesting a Will or defending a claim against a Will.
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Estate Administration

Speak with our Wills and Estates team today to ensure that you obtain the right advice. Estate Administration is an important legal obligation and our team will assist and advise you on the administration of any Estate regardless of its size.
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Estate Planning

If you’re looking to plan for the future, talk to our team today. Our Wills and Estates team will ensure that your estate planning is clearly documented so that your wishes are carried out without any challenges or problems.
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Contesting a Will

If you have any concerns in relation to an estate or are considering contesting a Will, you should seek legal advice from us as soon as possible, as time limits do apply for many Family Provision Applications.
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Challenging a Will

A challenge to a Will is a dispute regarding the integrity and validity of the will itself. If you have any doubt or questions, whatsoever, in regards to challenging a Will, contact our Wills Estates Probate specialists today as strict time limits apply to Will disputes.
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The Probate process is very complex which is why it is recommended that you speak with a Lawyer who is experienced in this area. Contact our Wills and Estates team today to see how we can guide you through the Probate process.
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No Win No Fee

We have developed a No Win No Fee arrangement as we understand that high quality legal services can be an expensive and unexpected financial commitment. There are strict time limits that apply to many Wills and Estate matters so contact us today.
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Letters of Administration

Our team have extensive experience in all areas of the and procedure relating to Letters of Administration and have the capacity to assist our clients achieve a swift and cost effective resolution to the problem that arises when a person dies without a Will.
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Advance Health Directive

An Advance Health Directive is a way for you to communicate your wishes about medical treatment should you be unable to make decisions about your treatment in the future. Contact our team today to discuss any Advance Health Directive legal concerns or questions you may have.
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Superannuation Claims

Superannuation is not covered by a person’s will. Superannuation monies are tied to a superannuation fund which has a trustee who decides on payments. It's important to discuss unclaimed superannuation and claims with our team of legal experts today.
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Enduring Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is a document that gives another person the power to make personal and financial decisions on your behalf. It is legally binding if you lose the capacity to make decisions yourself.
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Testamentary Trusts

A Testamentary Trust will protect your bequeathed assets. However, it requires detailed thought and planning. If you are considering setting up a Testamentary Trust, our team will be able to help you.
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Asset Protection

Regardless of whether you own a business or not, Asset Protection is an important priority for everyone. Ensure you speak with our team today to see your business and/or personal assets are protected.
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Business Wills

A Business Will is an agreement that commonly takes the form of a buy and sell option (buy/sell agreements) between the owners, and is a key document for businesses. Don’t hesitate and talk to our team today to ensure your business and personal assets are protected.
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Business Succession

Business Succession is important and occurs upon the death or retirement of a business owner. Careful strategic and Estate planning can minimise the risk of problems and can help execute the business owners’ wishes.
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A guardian will be responsible for the welfare and upbringing of your children in the event that both you and your partner pass away. The legal implications of being a guardian vary according to the laws within each State, so it's important to discuss this with our legal team.
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Blended Families

Our experienced Wills and Estates team will guide you through the many pros and cons of Blended Families within Estate planning to ensure that your wishes are carried out.
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Non-Estate Assets

Non-estate assets are assets that do not form part of your estate and cannot be controlled by your Will. To consider your succession plan please contact our Wills and Estate specialists today so that we may assist you in managing the complexities of your Estate.
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