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Wills Estates Probate Lawyers has helped many clients deal with estate litigation issues for over 25 years. Our Wills and Estates team are experienced in providing advice and assisting with all kinds of estate litigation matters, including family provision applications (both on behalf of the representative and applicant), contesting a Will or defending a claim against a Will.

It is important to make sure that you are receiving correct legal advice from lawyers who specialise in this area as strict time limits do apply.

When a loved one passes away, they may leave behind assets (valuable and/or sentimental) in their Will which is commonly referred to as the estate. WEP Lawyers have extensive experience in wills and estates law, especially in dealing with estate litigation.

What is estate litigation?

Estate litigation is the area of challenging a Will, contesting a Will or disputing a Will. After someone passes away, someone (usually a potential beneficiary or beneficiary) may opt to challenge and contest the Will. This can be due to many reasons including:

• the validity of the Will;
• being unfairly provided for in the Will;
• being left out of a Will; and
• the Will makers capacity at the time of writing the Will.

Our experienced legal team will assist you through the process whether you are challenging a Will or defending a claim against a Will. Strict time limits do apply so it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Can you challenge a will?

Challenging a Will is known as a Family Provision Application (FPA). If you have been left out of a Will, or believe you have been unfairly provided for, you may have grounds to challenge a Will. You must be eligible to challenge a Will which can sometimes be difficult to prove as the area of estate litigation is complex. Strict time limits again apply to estate litigation and challenging a Will, so ensure you speak to our team as soon as possible to discuss your estate litigation matters.

If you’re considering challenging a Will or defending a claim against the Will, our team of Wills and Estates lawyers have developed a No Win, No Fee arrangement. The No Win, No Fee arrangement has aided many clients who were unsure of what the next steps were.

Do you need legal assistance and representation?

Regardless of what stage you are at of challenging a Will or defending a claim against an estate or Will, specialised legal advice is recommended due to the complex nature of estate litigation.

Contact our team today to discuss your estate litigation legal needs.

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